We believe that when you understand your body and learn about erotic intelligence, so much more than just your sex life will be transformed.
— Anara and Chris

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Sex, Intimacy, and Your Body Series

Do you have the relationships you want and the love life you desire?
Our culture bombards us with confusing messages about love and sex and it’s hard to find good information about authentic pleasure.

Before registering for the class i felt a little apprehensive as i have never attended a sex ed class and didn’t know what to expect. The information they shared with me was presented in a simple, easy to understand format with many humorous stories and examples of their own experiences to help me understand various aspects of my sexuality and sexual behavior. And, I didn’t have to take off my clothes in a room full of strangers. Lol!
— L. Bognuda jr.

Hi, We’re happy you’re here

We are sex educators who have directly experienced the pain and confusion of being brought up in a world where mixed messages about love, desire, and sex are the cultural norm. We’ve spent a lot of years untangling and clarifying what true sexual health and empowerment feels like, and we are passionate about creating opportunities for individuals, couples, and groups to safely explore their own experiences to find self-acceptance and personal liberation. We believe that through compassion, guidance, self-reflection, and dedication, this kind of awakening is available for all of us.


Anara Lani is a Holistic Sex Educator & Kundalini Yoga instructor specializing in consent, self awareness and communication. She weaves her personal experiences of growth with her 15+ years of spiritual and sexual studies to create a relatable and trust worthy practice that helps people find their inner wisdom. Anara believes that when we decode and claim our sexual essence, we can access our unique blueprints and create the life of our dreams. By listening to the body and exploring our relationship with intimacy, vulnerability and sexual expression we can unlock our own systems and access our birthright of fulfillment.

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Chris Muse


Chris Muse is devoted to helping people quiet their voices of doubt and get comfortable taking the leap into knowing and trusting themselves more fully. As a Somatic Sex Educator, she recognizes that as people form deeper relationships with their bodies and greater understanding of their sexuality, they get empowered in every other aspect of their lives.  Chris uses her 10+ years of experience in authentic relating and sexual studies to provide a compassionate, safe space for exploration, learning, and healing, while skillfully responding to each client’s moment-to-moment needs. Through this, she helps people recognize their truest desires and capacity to feel great about themselves while accessing more freedom in their bodies.