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Most of us have been fumbling around since puberty trying to figure out how to connect with the people we're attracted to. If we're lucky, we find some success, but not without at least a little bit of embarrassment and a lot of confusion. 

The classes we got as budding teens may have gone over the mechanics of sex and disease, but let’s get real.  They left a lot out.  Our guess is that you didn’t learn how to know when you are ready for sex, how to understand your own desire and arousal, or how to communicate consent, especially when you don't totally know what you want.

Did you learn about pleasure and how to enhance it? How about the tricky stuff like how to talk to your partner about the kind of touch you want without hurting their feelings, or what to do when both people don't feel like it at the same time?

Most of us never really got taught how to navigate relationships or our own sexuality, we just keep having wins and fails, burying our insecurities, and hoping for the best.


It is our mission at New School Sex Ed to bring sexuality into the light so that we can live into our birthright of empowerment and pleasure.  Anara and Chris work privately with clients and offer a series of comprehensive courses that expand on the rarely discussed nuances of the art and science of connection, intimacy and sex. Join us and learn how to discover your own desires so that you can create them in your life.


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